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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Objects official webpage! This is an object show--new to the scene,with a plethora of original characters, interesting locations with backstories o' plenty, and loads more!Currently, this project is unreleased. We're working, though! Our team of volunteers is always ready to grow. (Always for now.) If you're interested in joining, click here to visit our application form! At the moment, we're looking for a few voice actors and background artists.

For those confused, as of this time (pre-release,) this will be used as an updates board. The show is planned to launch on 1 Jun 2023. The to-do list should be used by applicants to determine what we need. :)
To-Do (descending)
- Animate Intro
- Finish Ep1 Script
- Voice Ep1
- Background Art
- Animate Ep1
Further news will be in the INFO section!

Disclaimer! All "ads" on this site are fake. They are silly and decorative only. THE ADS ARE NOT REAL.


The info tab has all general information you'll need to understand WWOO. The Wonderful World of Objects is an object show made by a group of pals and some others.As a viewer of the site, you might ponder now; "Where is the show?" It's not out yet. If you came here expecting to watch a show, you're a bit early.Sorry.

The Main Bunch
Voice actor, Sound Designer, Director Taylor.
Musician, Voice Actor, Artist coffeebug.
Voice Actor, Writing Assistant Awesome.
Rest of the crew (Equally respected)
Boly Conceiver shauij.
Voice Actor, Storyboarder Sam.
Background Artist Milo.
Occupation Name.
Occupation Name.