- Background Artist
- Voice Actor
- Animator

Welcome to WWOO!

Wonderful World of Objects is a passion-project object show in development since late 2021. There's no ETA on the show's release, but we promise you it will be of the utmost quality.So far, we've created a world with characters and a complex story happening within it. We can't wait to finish it and show it to the world.Interested in joining and helping out? Here's our signup form! You must have Discord. If you don't, you should.


We're writing episode one! Once it's out, this'll be where we post short updates on the show's progress!

Hey, it's us!

There's a crew behind every project! We've got a lot of members aboard, but for now, just take a look at our lead staff!

Ceramicleaf! The director, and lead designer
Coffeebug! The director, and lead composer
AJ! The lead voice actor
Charlie! The lead animator

sorry. we don't have that page yet. we had an old site, but we deleted it for this one. hope you understand. <3